Tim Taggart

Tim Taggart has been a pioneer in LDS travel pretty much from the beginning of the industry, traveling to the lands of the scriptures in the Middle East and Europe the first time in 1981 and conducting tours since 1983.

He was born and grew up in Cache Valley, Utah and served his first mission in Australia. He received a bachelor's degree in history and political science from Utah State University with a career goal to become a master teacher'. He began his teaching career in the LDS Church seminary program, completing a master's degree in instructional technology from USU at the same time. His teaching career changed course in 1982 when he and the family came to Salt Lake City to work for the Church producing media. The new focus was to teach through the technology of visual and audio media to a worldwide audience.

Tim has retired as a director for the Audio-visual Department of the Church for which he worked for over 20 years. Over the course of his career he had the responsibility for production of General Conference, the Church Satellite System, film and video production, and global media. He also was in charge of overseeing the media for the international areas of the Church and worldwide language production. After serving as Stake President, he was called with his wife Gloria to serve as Mission President of the England Bristol Mission from 1997 to 2000. Since his retirement, he is currently teaching Religion to Adult Education classes.

Tim has traveled to nearly every area of the world, professionally and as a tour guide. Needless to say  he has a great love for travel, exploring the various regions of the world, learning of their cultures and photo journaling his experiences! His love of teaching has shown while he has conducted dozens of tours to Church History, Holy Land and Book of Mormon sites.

He and his wife Gloria are the parents of two children and three grandchildren.

Tim Taggart's Current Tours:

2024 Christmas in Branson with Tim Taggart from 1,629
2024 Christmas in Branson with Tim Taggart

DestinationBranson, MO:

Category:  North America

Duration6 days 5 nights

2025 Journey of the Apostles + LDS Rome Temple with Tim Taggart from 3,929
2025 Journey of the Apostles + LDS Rome Temple with Tim Taggart

DestinationCappadocia, Turkey; Istanbul, Turkey; Izmir, Turkey; Ephesus, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Corinth, Greece Rome, Italy;

Category:  Europe

Duration11 days 10 nights

What our clients are saying about Tim:

  • Tim is an excellent guide, the trip was awesome and incredible – Schwider Family
  • Tim Taggart was an excellent guide – Brinton Family
  • Tim's knowledge and testimony was the best, his knowledge of the sights made all the difference – Butters
  • Tim made all the difference with this trip.  His insights were spot on – Clawson Family
  • Tim Taggart was amazing!  I will highly recommend him to my family when they go.
  • Tim did a super job keeping the group together and making sure we felt like a family
  • Tim’s frequent devotions rocked!  - Christiansen Family